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Webelos/New Scout Information





Phone number

e-mail address


Perry Peterson



Committee Chair:

Jeff Sato



Recruitment Contact:

Christina Sasamori




 You can join in the fun of Troop 87 if you meet one of these requirements:

Check us out even before, so you are ready for a good start.

Webelos, as well as new boys, are welcome anytime, but please contact one of the people listed above to let us know you are interested in coming as some meetings may be better than others for you to attend. We will also try to schedule a special Webelos Night in either November or December. Check the Troop Calendar on our web site http://troop87.us for the schedule of our upcoming activities.

Meeting Information: We meet each Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m., except the first week of the month, when the elected Scout leaders meet at 6:00 p.m. to plan what the troop will do in future meetings. A parent meeting follows at 7:00 PM to figure out how to do what the boys want to do. We meet all year round, except for holidays and the two weeks when most of our Scouts go to Scout Camp Oljato. We do not have separate patrol meetings or outings at this time.

Meeting Location: We meet at the Mountain View Buddhist Temple at 575 North Shoreline Blvd. This is across the street from the Safeway on Shoreline. With your back to Safeway, we meet in the building on the far right of the Temple campus. Just turn right when you enter the parking lot and keep going. The Buddhist Temple is our sponsoring body, but one does not need to be of the Buddhist faith to be a Troop member.

Number of Scouts in Troop: About 50 active Scouts.

Costs and Fees: There is a $50 first year initiation fee (for book, patches, etc), which we collect with the registration form while the annual dues are now $125 and collected in the Fall. Dues pay for BSA annual Scout dues and Boy's Life subscriptions, camping and other troop equipment, merit badges, rank ensignia and other Court of Honor awards. Scouts are responsible for paying their share of food and activity costs for any outings that they attend. Financial assistance is available for any Scout who would not otherwise be able to participate in troop activities